Fire Stations


First Fire Truck

The need for adequate fire protection in Clinton Township was first recognized in the early 1940s. On May 2, 1945, the Township took delivery of its first fire truck and constructed a cinder block garage behind the community's original Township Hall to house the truck.  This served as the Township's first fire station.

Master Plan

During the 1960s, a comprehensive master plan was developed for fire protection in Clinton Township through five fire stations. With Station 1 already in existence, the Township moved forward with the construction of Station 2 (1968) and Station 3 (1969) to serve the areas that were experiencing the most growth at that time.

In the 1980s, the next step in the five-station plan materialized as the growth pattern up the northwestern corridor created the need for a fourth station. Station 4 (Headquarters) opened in 1988.

Growth Continues

In the years that followed, tremendous growth occurred in the northeast portion of the Township with the addition of residential, commercial and industrial developments. The final step to the five-station master plan began with the purchase of property near Elizabeth and Dunham Roads in 1989. In the fall of 2004, Station 5, housing the Donald Crews Training Center, began operation. Response times to this area have been dramatically cut by the addition of Station 5.

Rebuilding of Station 1

Immediately following the opening of Station 5, work began to demolish and rebuild Station 1. In the spring of 2005, the new Station 1, with a nostalgic design, was dedicated, with the original fire pole preserved in display area in the apparatus room.