M-97 Groesbeck Corridor

Overview of the Corridor 

Groesbeck Highway, also known as M-97, is a major corridor that runs through Clinton Township. A portion of Groesbeck also traverses through the City of Mount Clemens. Built during the early 1900s, the highway connects to M-59, I-696, and other communities in the Metro Detroit region. The Township has targeted Groesbeck as a reinvestment opportunity to address the many vacant industrial and commercial properties that line the corridor.

Groesbeck Highway Corridor Plan & Market Study

Currently, Groesbeck lacks cohesiveness, walkability, and aesthetic value. The Groesbeck Highway Corridor Plan & Market Study serves as a tool to address these issues and improve the corridor with missing elements that will make it more attractive, unified, and walkable.

Groesbeck Highway Design Guidelines

The Groesbeck Highway Design Guidelines were developed as part of an overall market study and corridor plan. The process was led by a consulting team, guided by a technical working group and stakeholder input. These guidelines illustrate the level of design expected by the Township with new development and significant redevelopment or changes in use. It is the intent that property owners, businesses, developers, and their design professionals can use the guidelines as a reference when site plans are being developed. The Township may amend the zoning ordinance to reference these guidelines or modify them into regulatory language. The guidelines are specifically crafted to ensure that redevelopment and future development align with the Township’s goals and strategies and simultaneously provide flexibility that can adapt to particular situations or development opportunities. 

Groesbeck Corridor Properties

View an online interactive map showing Groesbeck Highway Prime Properties.