Deferments & Exemptions

Summer Tax Deferment

Summer tax deferment is available to senior citizens (62 or older) who meet the income requirements as well as paraplegic, quadriplegic, totally and permanently disabled, blind or eligible service persons, veterans, or widows. The application must be made from July 1st through September 14th.


Contact the Treasurer's Office at 586-286-9313 for more information.

Principal Residence Exemption (P.R.E.)

Principal Residence Exemption provides the "principal residence" of a taxpayer with an exemption from the local school operating millage, up to 18 mills. An owner must claim this exemption by filing an affidavit with the township's assessing department on or before June 1st. Taxpayers may only claim one home as their principal residence.

Note: A Notice of Foreclosure presented to the Assessor results in the removal of the P.R.E. status from the property.

Poverty Exemption

Poverty Exemption requests can be made by low-income residents only for the current year, not for previous years. Residents must own and reside in the home for two consecutive years preceding the application and provide proof of income for all persons living in the residence. Household gross income must meet the current year's income guidelines set by the Township Board. The application can be made for the March, July, or December Board of Review.

Veteran's Exemption

Veteran's exemption from the collection of property taxes is available to disabled veterans who were discharged from the armed forces of the U.S. under honorable conditions and who own and use the real property as a homestead. An affidavit and other documentation required by PA 161 of 2013 must be filed by the veteran or non-remarried surviving spouse with the assessing office.

Relief During Active Military Service

Relief During Active Military Service can be granted to soldiers and sailors who own property. The application can be filed before or during the period of service. Under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, the property can't be sold to pay delinquent property taxes during the service person's tour of active duty. If taxes are delinquent during the tour of duty, an interest of 6% per year will be charged rather than at the higher rates provided by law.


Contact the Assessing Department at 586-286-9468 for more information about these exemptions.