Budget Ways & Means Committee

The BW&M Committee is an advisory subcommittee approved by the Board of Trustees. The Committee receives items for review from citizens, department heads, developers, and referrals from the Township Board. Requests for advisory review are supplied to the Administrative Assistant and placed on meeting agendas, with the request supplied to the appropriate Department Head or consultant reviewing the request so as to provide additional background on the item, possible anticipated costs, and legal ramifications when a final decision is made by the Board. The petitioner attends the committee meeting, presents the request, input is supplied by staff and/or consultants, and a motion and synopsis are made to recommend approval or disapproval to the Township Board. Items historically reviewed by the committee include departmental budget revisions, requests for variances from the Land Improvement or Drainage Ordinance, Block Grant funding distribution, and vendor proposals.


  • 9:30 am
  • 1st Tuesday of every month


  • Paul Gieleghem, Township Treasurer, Chair
  • Kim Meltzer, Township Clerk
  • Jenifer "Joie" West, Township Trustee 
  • Robert Cannon, Township Supervisor


  • Mike Keys, Township Trustee (first alternate)
  • Tammy T. Patton, Township Trustee (second alternate)


  • Mary Bednar, Director, Public Services Department 
  • Mary Hein, Director, Finance Department
  • Stephanie Mittelstedt, Administrative Assistant
  • Bruce Thompson, Director, Planning and Community Development


  • Jack Dolan, Township Attorney

For meeting notices, agendas, packets, and minutes, please visit the agenda's link - https://clintontownship.com/129/Agendas-Minutes