Normandy Park Tree Planting

Normandy Park Map (JPG) Opens in new windowOn Saturday, October 19, 2020, more than 24 volunteers assembled in Clinton Township’s Normandy Park to plant trees and improve the public space in their neighborhood. Among them were area families, Clintondale High School students, and members of the (nearby) Nosey Neighbors Neighborhood Watch Group, joining event organizer, the Clinton Township Conservation Committee. 

Members of the Conservation Committee drop fliers in nearby neighborhoods a week prior to the park plantings to encourage area residents to join the effort. 

Trees are made available through a grant provided by the Green Macomb Initiative. Clinton Township Department of Public Works pre-digs the holes. Volunteers get the trees in the ground, backfill the holes, mulch and water.

This is the 5th grant-funded planting event organized by the Conservation Committee. Previous locations include Prince Drewery Park, two events at Joy Park, the Township Civic Center, and along areas of Gratiot Avenue adjacent to bus stops.

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