Playground Information

Registration information for 2024 will be available April/May 2024

Newsletters and lesson plans will be posted weekly once the program begins and should be available on Fridays for the following week.  For more information about the Day Camp program, please view our brochure or view the Playground Video.

Lunch Pass

Lunch Pass is available at most Playground sites, if you would like your child(ren) to participate in our supervised lunch program.  This program only includes supervision-participants must provide their own lunch.  

Lunch pass may NOT be available at schools with a summer SACC program.  If your child needs supervision during the lunch period, they must be enrolled in SACC through the school.

Additional Information


As government employees - staff members CANNOT accept gifts, gift cards, or money for the work they do. The only exceptions would be hand-made crafts, flowers, or cards.

Cherokee Playground -2023 

School                                        Lunch Pass available

Civic Center Playground-2023 

Outdoor Site                               Lunch Pass available 

Disney Playground-2023    

School                                        Lunch Pass available 

Erie Elementary Playground-2023

School                                        SACC available

Parker Playground-2023

School                                        Lunch Pass available 

Reid Park Playground-2023

Park                                       Lunch Pass available