Bill Payments

Services Provided by the Office of Paul Gieleghem, Clinton Township Treasurer. The Treasurer’s Office can be reached at 586-286-9313 or by email at

Tax information is available on our Property Tax Database.

Failed Payment Fees

Per Ordinance, the Township assesses a $25 fee every time a payment fails, such as insufficient funds, closed accounts, or incorrect banking information.

Check Notice

Payment by paper or electronic check is accepted only as a conditional payment. If it is not honored by the bank, the bill remains unpaid and is subject to interest and fees.

Where do my taxes go?

Want to know where your taxes go? View our infographic here, provided by the Clinton Township Treasurer.

  1. Pay Online
  2. Pay by Phone
  3. Pay by Mail
  4. Auto Pay
  5. Pay in Person

One-Time Payment Portals

To securely process online payments, Clinton Township has partnered with BS&A Online and Point and Pay. Echeck payments are free. Card payments incur a 2.8% or $1.50 minimum fee charged by our processor. Your payment will show up as PNPBILLPAYMENT on your bank statement.

Customer Support

For customer support, please call our processor Point & Pay at 888-891-6064, or the Treasurer’s Office at 586-286-9313.

Online Bill Payment Advisory is a third-party website not affiliated with the Charter Township of Clinton. We cannot guarantee the safety of your account or when your payment will arrive if made through To make a payment, visit our website directly at

If you receive suspicious phone calls or emails from someone claiming to be a representative of the Township, call the Treasurer’s Office at 586-286-9313.

Where Your Taxes Go

Want to know where your taxes go? View our Tax Payment Money Allocation (PDF) provided by the Clinton Township Treasurer.