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Legislators in the table below all represent portions of Clinton Township. Click on the form letter link, fill in the name of your State Representative and your State Senator, complete the form, and click submit to send the email. Please make sure to provide your contact information so they can reply to your concerns.  

You can look up who is your State Rep and State Senator at the following links:

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Michigan House of Representatives 

Also, if you do not live in Clinton Township and still want to advocate for these changes, please cut and paste and then personalize the letter into an email that can be sent to the state legislators who represent you in state government. Thank you for being part of the solution to establish quality roads in Clinton Township. 

State Senator11th District Veronica KlinefeltDemocrat
State Senator12th DistrictKevin HertelDemocrat
State Representative60th DistrictJoseph AragonaRepublican
State Representative61st DistrictDenise MentzerDemocrat
State Representative62nd DistrictAlicia St. GermaineRepublican

Use our form letter below to email your legislator!

Please help us fix Clinton Township roads.

  1. Clinton Township
  2. Clinton Township residents like me have paid car registration fees and gas taxes for decades. Unfortunately, too many of those dollars are diverted to the far reaches of Michigan or to developing communities to fix and expand their roads. Then my neighbors and I are told we are “on our own” to pay 100 percent of the costs to replace our crumbling subdivision streets. We simply can’t afford the cost.

    More than 40 percent of our primary roads and residential streets are rated poorly or failed. Local communities and counties are doing their part with improvements, but we need structural reform of state government funding. Therefore, I ask that you prioritize road funding reform and work toward legislative changes to ensure the following:

    • Fair Funding—Fix PA 51 of 1951 to fund roads based on their width, not just length (lane miles vs. center line miles)
    • Bring Dollars Home—Direct car registration road funds to the community where the car is registered
    • Fix Existing Roads First—Prioritize funding for maintenance, repair, and resurfacing of existing roads rather than developing new roads
    • Subdivision Street Funding—help communities replace deteriorating subdivision streets rather than saddle residents with financially crippling special assessments

    As my elected legislator, I hope you will fight to bring more road dollars home to Clinton Township.

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