What is Spongy Moth and the impacts?

The  Spongy Moth is a foreign pest with few native predators to keep populations in check.  Caterpillars feed on tree leaves, preferring those of oak, aspen, poplar, and birch.  When those are not available, other tree species and evergreens are also at risk.   Large populations can defoliate entire wooded areas.  Caterpillars in large numbers and their waste (frass) are a nuisance on residential property.    Spongy Moth can not be eradicated, but they can be suppressed to tolerable levels.

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1. What is Spongy Moth and the impacts?
2. What are the goals of suppression efforts?
3. How are Spongy Moth Populations Suppressed?
4. What is the Spongy Moth Cycle?
5. How do Spongy Moth travel?
6. How do I know if I have the Spongy Moth?
7. What does Spongy Moth damage look like?
8. What happens when trees are defoliated?
9. Should I report a Spongy Moth Infestation?
10. Where is the Macomb MSU Extension?